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"Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing."
-Warren Buffet

Airgead Clann LLC oversees assets in separately managed accounts. That means that every account is attended to based on its own needs, goals, and risk tolerances. While most of our accounts overlap thematically, the allocation and security selection will often differ greatly. We also offer overall financial planning. Using the CPA background in addition to investment management, we can formulate a sound financial future for our clients from all angles.

Independence: Being an independent firm offers a number of advantages for our clients. First, we have absolutely no incentive to invest in a product unless it makes sense for you. The only people that pay us are our clients; we receive no outside commissions. So unlike the brokerage model, we don’t have to “push products” to our clients. Second, we have an abundance of tools at our disposal. For example, we can pick and choose the best funds from any company. Finally, the incentive structure is perfectly aligned with that of our clients. We charge a percentage of assets under management, which means our paycheck only grows as your assets grow. We won’t be purchasing a variable annuity just to collect a hefty commission as you sometimes see banks do.

Active Management: An active management approach to investing offers the ability to rebalance asset classes in order to take advantage of both positive and negative market movements. We don’t simply buy, close our eyes, and revisit once a quarter.  Nor do we over-diversify as an alternative to due diligence. We watch our core positions throughout the day, we receive streaming news about those positions and others, and we are constantly performing macro and micro research to ensure that we participate on the way up and reduce exposure on the way down. While we certainly diversify in order to mitigate risk, we agree with Mr. Buffett that there is no substitute for hard work and knowledge.

Transparency: We use a third party Custodian to house all of our client assets. That means that we don't physically hold on to the money, but rather act on your behalf. You receive trade confirmations, monthly statements, and have online access just as if you opened the account yourself. This process ensures that your assets are being safe-guarded by a reliable third party with all of the necessary checks and balances in place.

Our Adviser Agreement and ADV are available upon request.


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